Easy Cross Hatching Drawings

Easy Cross Hatching Drawings. The more you do it, the easier it becomes. However, its possible to make colorful drawing by the usage of cross hatch.

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As with hatching, the closer your hatches are to each other, the darker the tonal value appears. Cross hatching is a linear drawing technique that can create texture, light, shading and dimension by drawing lines both close together and apart. With a long line of short vertical lines depict the peble beach.

You Can Put On Any Pencil Drawing, On Any Pen Drawing.

• vary the line width (by using fatter or thinner drawing tools) • layer on more lines to make an area look darker and/or make lines closer together, • use straight or curved lines to play up contours of objects. 3.2 step 2 add parallel or curvature lines on the top of the first layer. Let’s take a look at six basic forms of hatching and crosshatching.

The More You Do It, The Easier It Becomes.

Tone and value in our drawings. This second layer of hatch marks should cross over the first in. Take a look at the tonal value of the cross hatch above.

Cross Hatching Is A Linear Drawing Technique That Can Create Texture, Light, Shading And Dimension By Drawing Lines Both Close Together And Apart.

Use light hatching moves for the lightest tones on the boats and then build the surfaces of darker tones using cross hatching adding lines closer to each other. Parallel hatching is one of the most basic forms of hatching, and it’s still a very effective way of demonstrating value (light and dark) in a drawing. 3.4 step 4 adding stronger shades of lines on top of the layers.

3.1 Step 1 Creating A Series Of Straight Parallel Lines.

Hatching is when the lines all go the same way, cross hatching when they go in 2 or more opposite directions. Add a perpendicular series of lines over the first. Don't fill solid areas with wobbly long lines;

However, Its Possible To Make Colorful Drawing By The Usage Of Cross Hatch.

Now compare it to the tonal value of the cross hatching. To get cross hatching you simply add one or more extra sets of hatching over the first at a different angle. Don't use long lines when short lines will do.

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